The Kauai Invasive Species Committee (KISC) [;; 808.246.0684] is a voluntary partnership of government, private and non-profit organizations, and concerned individuals working to prevent, control, or eliminate the most threatening invasive plant and animal species in order to preserve Kauai’s native biodiversity and minimize adverse ecological, economic and social impacts.

KISC partners include concerned community members and groups, ranchers, farmers, nurserymen, visitor industry members, private land owners, and various federal, state, county and private institutions and organizations.

KISC holds annual strategy meetings to review and determine target species island-wide. In addition to prevention, control and eradication efforts for plants, animals and insects, KISC focuses community awareness and education regarding invasive species and their impact on the fragile Hawaiian native ecosystem. Outreach efforts include participation in many fairs, displays, classroom education and curriculum planning, and community gatherings. KISC also participates in state-wide efforts by implementing goals set by the Hawaii Invasive Species Council.

The Garden Island Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. helped KISC secure its start-up grants that enabled KISC to hire staff, create an Action Plan with targets, and to establish a working infrastructure. It perpetuates itself with federal, state and private grants sought annually.